Employee Wellbeing Program


Pre2doc- A digital wellbeing platform created by doctors, to provide your employees with focus, proficiency and productivity. An easy to incorporate program in your “work from home” schedule. Uncertain times, when cost of error is high, Pre2doc provides innovative techniques to motivate your employees and empathise with their physical and mental health challenges.

Employees need to focussed, motivated and clear about their goals in order to be productive. We help them achieve this.

With the Pre2doc “UNBOX YOUR MIND, BODY & SOUL” we will have online training sessions by doctors/ experts for your employees to achieve their goals and be more productive in this new normal.

Let Pre2doc experts help your organisation navigate through this turbulent time.

  • 1. Online Sessions by Doctors/ Experts
  • 2. Music Therapy as Stress Buster
  • 3. One to one online consultation by super specialised doctors
  • 4. Online Mental health counselling by Psychologists
  • 5. Physical fitness sessions

Join our digital wellbeing initiative today(EWP), to know more please write to us at talk2us@pre2doc.life or shalini.bansal@pre2doc.life