Pre2doc Mission

Pre2Doc’s mission is to inform, educate and empower people with knowledge of health risks and make healthy living accessible to all.

We do so by providing preventive healthcare education and consults to individuals at businesses (large & small), educational institutions and communities. We are a team of doctors and experts who are passionate about disease prevention. We deliver our services via In-person workshops and Online training modules. Participants can also take a confidential Online Health Risk Assessment that provides individuals with a Lifestyle Score to help them identify and understand their current health status.
  • To Identify

    At Risk Population for Chronic Diseases with emphasis on Heart Disease

  • To reduce

    The number of
    Individuals at Risk

  • To Strengthen

    Your Health & Your Heart
    at Home with us

Pre2doc Team & its Beliefs
"We value your health, and these are our values"
Preventive Healthcare Services
Reduce incidence of lifestyle disease by providing preventive health advice that is
  • Confidential

  • Scientific

  • Reliable

  • Evidence Based

  • Customised