Poor posture at desk job – new health problem.

Our body was not made to sit for long hours in a chair. Long sitting hours at desk jobs is creating a new age public health problem. 

A sedentary lifestyle due to urbanisation, growing corporate culture, improved transport services is resulting in early onset chronic problems like diabetes,  obesity, heart disease etc.  To add to this, if we maintain a poor posture while we are sedentary (resting at one place with minimal energy expenditure) a lot many problems get compounded.

A poor posture can lead to tension headaches, acidity, worsens stress at the job, worsens depression, gives rise to additional back, neck and shoulder pains. These problems can result in overall poor performance at work, intake of pain relieving drugs, absenteeism from work, increased work load due to poor efficiency.

A very simple method of maintaining a good posture while sitting is to keep your ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line.  Ergonomics is the study of how equipment and furniture can be arranged to make people work more comfortably and efficiently. If you sit right you will feel light at a desk job.

In the words of Taylor-Kevin Isaac- you should look less like a comma and more like an exclamation mark !

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Changing toothpaste does not solve bad breath problem


Bad breath is an unpleasant condition that can often become a major reason for embarrassment for you amongst your friends, your employees and loved ones. But changing your toothpaste will not solve this problem.


• Certain food stuffs like onion and garlic. These once absorbed in the body are transferred to lungs and expelled as bad breath.
• Habitual use of tobacco and alcohol in any form.
• Improper brushing of teeth which leaves behind food entangled between teeth causing bad breath.
• Dry Mouth
• Gum Diseases
• Bad breath can also occur due to some underlying medical problems like diabetes, respiratory infections, kidney problems or stress.


• Brushing or flossing at least twice daily carefully removing all the food particles from mouth. Mouth wash may not have lasting effects.
• Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco and alcohol intake.
• Avoiding pungent food stuffs like onion and garlic during day time.
• If bad breath is due to some medical problem then consult your doctor and take proper treatment for that condition.

Oral health maintains overall general health and well being.

#stoptherisk with regular brushing of teeth

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Pre2doc Workshops – Mix of medicine and music

When doctors come calling with a musical health message, the audience sits up and takes notice.

Pre2doc workshops aim at health risk identification,  health promotion and awakening the health promoter in you.

Music can be used as a universal language and musical therapy is an integral part of our workshops. It has been used in many institutions to promote patient well being, improve motivation towards treatment and achieving  new health goals to improve overall health.

So come and join hands with us, to make preventive healthcare available to you today and guarantee a healthier future free of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and depression.

#stoptherisk …. TODAY

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