Changing toothpaste does not solve bad breath problem



Bad breath is an unpleasant condition that can often become a major reason for embarrassment for you amongst your friends, your employees and loved ones. But changing your toothpaste will not solve this problem.


• Certain food stuffs like onion and garlic. These once absorbed in the body are transferred to lungs and expelled as bad breath.
• Habitual use of tobacco and alcohol in any form.
• Improper brushing of teeth which leaves behind food entangled between teeth causing bad breath.
• Dry Mouth
• Gum Diseases
• Bad breath can also occur due to some underlying medical problems like diabetes, respiratory infections, kidney problems or stress.


• Brushing or flossing at least twice daily carefully removing all the food particles from mouth. Mouth wash may not have lasting effects.
• Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco and alcohol intake.
• Avoiding pungent food stuffs like onion and garlic during day time.
• If bad breath is due to some medical problem then consult your doctor and take proper treatment for that condition.

Oral health maintains overall general health and well being.

#stoptherisk with regular brushing of teeth

Team Pre2doc